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this is our travel blog Greece Daily, which is completely dedicated to the beautiful greek islands of the cyclades and brings you a piece of Greece every day.

We decided to emigrate to Greece. Naxos will now be our new home for the next year. And who knows, maybe for a longer period of time.

We would like to take you with us through our blog Greece Daily and show you our journey. We have helpful and valuable travel tips for you and try to answer all your questions about Greece and our trip.

Jamas and sunny greetings from Naxos

Alex und Karo im Meer mit Segelschiff im Hintergrund


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Here you can get our whole knowledge of our packing skills. Helpful packing utensils and things that absolutely belong in the suitcase.

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Enter greece

We report on our entry into Greece during Corona. How the whole process, our flight to Athens and the arrival on site went.

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There is a large number of islands and also many ferries that sail through the sea in greece. Here you will find an overview.

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We take a closer look at our new home. Find out more about our favourite beaches, cafes, restaurants and sights.


Our new home

Naxos is the largest island of the cyclades in the southern aegean sea. Its diverse landscape, small charming mountain villages, and beautiful long beaches make this island a perfect new home for us. The capital city has the same name and is a lovely port town with white houses and colorful lights. Naxos will now become our new home for the next year.

And on this trip we would like to take you with us and let you share our new everyday life. A little piece of Greece every day from us for you!

News & Updates

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Blick aus dem Flugzeug. Auf einen wolkigen Himmel

Corona Lockdown in Greece

15. November 2020
Since November 7, 2020 6:00 am, Greece is in total lockdown for 3 weeks. When leaving the house, an sms must be sent to an official number. In it must be the appropriate reason for the exit. Wearing masks is now mandatory inside and outside greece.
Santorini Panorama aus Fira über die Blauen Kirchendächer Sicht auf das Mittelmeer

Santorini – The top 10 thinks to do

23. October 2020
Santorini is probably the best known of the cyclades islands. Here you will learn everything you need to know for your Santorini vacation. To give you a good overview, we have listed the best 10 places that you should see on Santorini.
Das Tor von Naxos im Sommer

Naxos – Our highlights

21. September 2020
Diverse landscapes, charming mountain villages, and beautiful beaches – this is how our favourite Greek island in the South Aegean Sea presents itself. Naxos is perfect for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts and pleasure seekers. Beach lovers will also get their money’s worth….

The Cyclades from above

Videos from “IKARUS” our DJI Mavic Mini drone

Here we have gathered a lot of important information about drone laws especially for Greece. You will also find many hotspots in the future where drone flying on the Cyclades especially worthwhile and of course all our recordings. We are very happy about your feedback.


Griechenland Übersichtskarte Inselgruppen in unterschiedlichen Farben

The greek archipelagos

The greek islands are probably one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. With a total of 3054 islands, Greece is home to about 82% of all islands in the Mediterranean. Part of the greek islands, such as Corfu and Zakynthos are located in the Ionian Sea. The other part of the islands, such as Crete, Mykonos or Rhodes is located in the Aegean Sea.

According to the last greek census, 113 islands are still permanently inhabited. That’s enough to explore the colorful island paradise of Greece in detail. With our overview of the Greek island groups you get a first overview.
The focus of our website is on the Cyclades Islands. We have narrowed them down again to the 16 most popular ones. Little by little we would like to travel to all these islands. You are invited to experience this adventure together with us.


Alex Karo in Griechenland unter buganvilia
Fischerboot in Griechenland am Strand
Naxos Tor bei Sonnenuntergang
weisse Windmuehle auf Ios Griechenland
Das Tor von Naxos mit der Stadt im Hintergrund
Hawaii Beach Naxos mit Karola die Ihre Arme in die Freiheit ausstreckt
Naxos Orkos Beach aus der Drohnen Sicht. türkisblaues Wasser
Alex und Karo vor einem Blauen Fenster

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