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Amorgos – The 10 best sights

13. December 2020
Crystal clear, blue water, fantastic sights and volcanic mountains – the Greek island of Amorgos in the southern Aegean is one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades. It impresses with its untouched nature and its traditional charm. White buildings and monuments are surrounded by impressive rock walls. Amorgos has the special flair of the Cyclades. Therefore, we have summarized the best 10 sights on Amorgos in this article for you.
Kykladen Insel Map in blau nur Amorgos in orange


Wide bays and cliffs stretch across the turquoise-blue sea. The impressive nature makes Amorgos a paradise for hikers and divers. For a long time Amorgos was an insider tip of the Cycladic Islands. Even today, Amorgos still looks largely untouched, but more and more tourists are coming to the island. This is not surprising, because Amorgos is a real dream holiday destination.

With its landscape and diversity, Amorgos is a great place to travel. There is a lot to see and discover here. Whether for a family vacation, hiking, diving or swimming – Amorgos offers a varied vacation program. But which places should you definitely visit on Amorgos and which activities make your holiday on Amorgos an unforgettable experience? We have put together the 10 most beautiful sights and activities to make a vacation on Amorgos a real success.

Before going on holiday to the Cyclades, it is advisable to get a brief overview of the many possibilities and sights in advance. The greatest destinations and activities on Amorgos are listed below.

1. The charming capital of Amorgos

In the heart of the island is one of the most beautiful villages of Amorgos. Chora is a village where you can feel a lot of the Cycladic tradition, even if the influence of increasing tourism can be felt. Chora is not only one of the most beautiful villages on Amorgos, it is also, as the name suggests, its capital. Therefore, you should definitely include Chora when exploring the island. Let yourself drift through the narrow streets of the typical Cycladic buildings and enjoy the southern flair. Therefore, the capital is our number one of the 10 best things to do in Amorgos.

Between the white houses, you can relax in the Greek ambience and finally settle in one of the local restaurants. The taverns in Chora offer specialties at very fair prices, with which you can’t go wrong.

If you leave the village to the east, a path brings you to an old mill, which offers a wonderful 360 degree view over the village. A stone path finally extends further towards the sea and offers an unforgettable view over the steep slope of the monastery “Panagia Hozoviotissa”.

This monastery is also our second “must-see” on Amorgos. In addition to the two port cities, Chora is a nice starting point to start a journey of discovery on Amorgos.

Stadt Amorgos Gasse in der Mittagssonne mit einem kleinen Keramikladen an der Ecke

2. The Panagia Chozoviotissa Monastery

Panagia Chozoviotissa should definitely be at the top of the list when visiting the Cyclades, or when visiting Amorgos. The old monastery is considered the landmark of Amorgos. The building was built on a cliff to protect against pirates. It is the second oldest monastery in all of Greece and our number two of the 10 best sights on Amorgos.

The monastery was supposedly built in the 9th century by monks from Palestine. The white monastery is built into a steep slope and its architecture is characteristic and unique. But not only from the outside is the building extremely impressive, the interior of the monastery is also worth seeing. A visit to the monastery can be perfectly combined with a short hike.

Panagia Chozoviotissa is a few minutes away from Chora and a long staircase with 300 steps leads up to the monastery. The climb and the view that are offered are definitely worth it. Once at the top, you can enter the interior of the monastery for a small donation. With a bit of luck, a monk will serve you a strong mocha coffee and traditional pastries when you enter the monastery. This piece of Amorgos history is a must see.

Kloster Panagia Chozoviotissa in der schwarzen Klippe mit seiner Weissen Wand

3. Katapola and Aegilia: two charming fishing villages

A beautiful trip to Amorgos will definitely start or end in one of the port cities, in Katapola or Aegilia. All the tourists arrive here by ferry. The two villages still have their own charm and should not be underestimated. Katapola is characterized by its hustle and bustle in the typical Cycladic streets.

The small fishing village is right on the sea and offers many cute restaurants and shops. The fish restaurants, where fresh dishes are on the menu every day, are particularly recommended. Aegilia, on the other hand, is located in a beautiful bay and is known for one of the largest sandy beaches on Amorgos. The large beach of Aegilia is perfect for families with children. There is not only enough space to relax by the sea, but there is also a large children’s playground.

In Aegilia you can also find traditional gastronomy and there is a small market with local products. The port cities are not only a great destination for the day, they are also the starting point for many hiking trails.

4. Chora – a cinematic village setting

A visit to the Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery can be perfectly combined with another highlight of Amorgos: a visit to the village of Chora. In 1988 this village was used as a film set for Luc Besson’s film “The Big Blue”. But not only the small village served as a film set. This is our number four of the best things to do in Amorgos

The traces of the film can be followed in several places on Amorgos. Another location for the cult film was, for example, the beautiful bay of Agia Anna. A café in Katapola was even named after the film. Chora, on the other hand, is a lovely village that reflects the tradition and charm of Amorgos very well. Chora – a village that, in the truest sense of the word, looks like a film set!

Chora Big Blue - Alte Gasse mit typisch griechischen Stühlen und einer Taverne

5. Amorgos the paradise for all nature and hiking enthusiasts

The Amorgos landscape makes the hearts of all nature lovers and hikers beat faster. The many hiking trails offer a program that can fill days or even weeks. Not for nothing is Amorgos, next to Crete, one of the best Greek islands for hikers and trekkers.

There are numerous official hiking routes on Amorgos. The hiking trails are well maintained and well preserved. They lead on old paths along the cliffs and offer beautiful views of the sea. In addition, the hiking trails lead you through the traditional villages again and again. A hiking tour can also be combined with a break in one of the beautiful cafés or taverns. Our number five tourist attraction on Amorgos.

Eight historical hiking trails are marked out by numbers and lead through the following places:

1. Palia Strata: This route takes 4.5 hours from Chora – Moní Chozoviotissa – Ksenodochio – Asfondilítis to Aegiali.
2. Fotodotis: A 1 hour hiking trail that starts in Katapola and leads to Agia Irini and finally ends in Chora.
3. Itonia: takes 3.5 hours and leads from Katapola – Minoa – Lefkes – Sivrisa – Kamari – Kastri to Vroutsi.
4. Melania: This path can be explored in about 2 hours. It starts in Aegiali and goes through – Langada – Araklos Gorge – Tholos – Tholaria and ends in Fokiotripa.
5. Pan: This hiking trail takes about 2.5 hours and starts in Langada – Epanohoriani – Theologos – Stavros.
6. Valsamitis:
In 2 hours the paths lead from: Katapola to Agios Georgios Valsamitis – Agia Marina and finally to Minoa.
7. Evangelistria: A short one-hour hiking trail starting in Katapola / Xylokeratidi through Nera – Peristeria and ending in Evangelistria.
8. Pirgos: This route takes about 2.5 hours. The starting point is Rihti, then it goes on to – Ai Giorgis – Leli – Terlakia – Agia Varvara until you finally reach Chora.

As a special recommendation for experienced hikers, the first hiking trail “Palia Strata” and the fifth trail “Pan” stand out. These are expressly recommended for experienced, sporty hikers with good shoes. The remaining trails are much easier in terms of difficulty and therefore better suited for beginners. On Amorgos there are also guided tours for hiking. (Source: https://hellenica.fr/cyclades/amorgos/)
Wanderweg auf Amorgos entlang des Steilhangs mit Blick auf das Mittelmeer

6. Amorgos most beautiful beaches

Not only hikers will get their money’s worth on their holiday on Amorgos, beach holidaymakers will also be happy on the island. Whether wide sandy beaches or rough pebble bays, on Amorgos there are many places to relax by the crystal clear sea. Each beach is characterized by its very own characteristics and makes a beach holiday on Amorgos a varied experience. Number six of the top ten attractions in Amorgos.

The water is mostly clear and turquoise-blue when it is not strong winds. The largest sandy beach is Aegilia beach. There is sure to be a nice place to relax and bathe here. Ayia Anna Beach also served as another, mysterious film set for the film “The Big Blue”. Ayia Anna Beach is a pebble bay below the famous Panagia Hozoviotissa monastery.

Another beach that is highly recommended is the so-called Kalotaritissa Beach. This beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Amorgos. It is a little smaller than Aegilia beach, but here you will find fine sandy beaches and fantastic water quality. Another long beach that is worth seeing on the list of the most beautiful beaches is Agios Pavlos Beach. It is a sandy beach that stretches between Katapola and Aegiali.

Amorgos Strand mit Personen und Blick auf die gegenüberliegende Küste mit weissen Häusern

7. Amorgos from the boat

The hidden bays and magical places of Amorgos are ideal to discover from the water. Some beaches can only be reached from the sea or through hiking trails. So perfect conditions for a boat tour. From the boat you can not only discover beautiful, deserted bays, but also hidden caves. One day cruises are offered by various cruise lines in Aegiali or Katapoli. Our number seven of the best things to do in Amorgos.

Most of them lead around the island once, but there is also the possibility of booking a boat tour to the nearby small Cyclades n. Beaches worth seeing, which can only be reached by boat, are the beaches of Nicouria (here it is best to take the boat from Agios Pavlos) and the beaches of Levrossos, Psili Ammos and Chochlakies.

8. Greek tradition in the ancient mountain village of Tholaria

If you head further into the mountains, you should pay a visit to the mountain village of Tholaria. Here you are definitely far away from any tourism, because the village is rather a less known destination on the island. It is definitely worth a visit. The village is embedded in the beautiful hilly landscape and surrounded by wide bays. Here you can find not only real tradition, but also remains from ancient times.

In Tholaria you can buy one or the other specialty and you will meet the warm hospitality of the villagers. The love of the locals for their village is clearly noticeable, because the streets are decorated with flowers on houses and on the streets. Our number eight of the ten sights on Amorgos.

9. Culinary highlights on Amorgos

There are many culinary specialties on Amorgos. Due to the proximity to the Aegean Sea there are many fish restaurants and therefore a fish dish should definitely be tasted on a trip to Amorgos.

The fish restaurants right by the harbor are particularly recommended. There the fresh fish is processed directly and you can enjoy the traditional cuisine with a view of the sea. There are some specialties on Amorgos that you should definitely try. The most famous dishes on the island are the meat and potato dish “Patatato”, the cabbage wrap “Giaprakia” and a dish consisting of eggplant, meat and cheese called “Kalogyri”. “Ladotyri” are small sheep’s cheeses that have been marinated in olive oil.

Ladotyri and patatato are traditional holiday dishes on Amorgos. A sweet specialty is the “Pasteli”, a nougat with honey and sesame. Of course there are also traditional spirits on Amorgos. The Psimeni Raki is drunk after or before the meal, optionally with ice. It consists of various herbs, raki, honey, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon and orange.

10. Exciting underwater worlds

Great worlds can be discovered on Amorgos even below sea level. Amorgos is perfect for snorkeling or diving. Diving lessons are offered by various diving centers. There are courses for all levels. So complete beginners to advanced can explore the underwater world. In the sea there are not only colorful fish and corals to marvel at, but also underwater caves and an ancient shipwreck.

The old shipwreck served as a film set for the film “The Big Blue”. It is located on the southern part of the island and rises out of the sea. The shipwreck is therefore not only an exciting sight for divers and snorkelers, but also for hikers and walkers.

Conclusion – Amorgos sights

Amorgos and the rest of the Cyclades are definitely worth a trip to Greece. The pleasant temperatures and the beautiful beaches offer a perfect vacation spot to relax, bathe and relax. Amorgos is also a paradise for hiking, diving and snorkeling due to its breathtaking nature. Whether for families or solo travelers, on Amorgos there are not only wonderful landscapes, but also culinary specialties to discover.

The best time to travel to the Cyclades is in June or July. At this time the temperatures are pleasant and there are not that many tourists there yet. In addition to the many hiking trails, it is also a good idea to explore Amorgos on a motorcycle or with a rental car. Anyone who goes to the Cyclades will certainly experience one of the most beautiful places in Greece. There tradition meets beautiful villages, landscapes and culinary highlights.

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