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Milos – the 14 best sights

13. December 2020

The island of Milos is located in the Aegean Sea and is with its sights and the impressive rock formations of Sarakiniko no longer an absolute insider tip. But nevertheless it is not overrun by mass tourism. Therefore it is possible to discover a few quiet places almost on your own. Though Milos is quite a small island, it has a lot to offer on it’s 160 square kilometers – fascinating landscapes with beautiful views etc. Beaches with clear water invites you to swim and relax and for sports fans there are many adventures waiting for Milos.

Kykladen Inseln Karte mit der rot markierten Insel Milos

1. Like on a strange planet – the landscape of Sarakiniko

On the north shore of the beautiful island, Sarakiniko Beach offers amazing views of the white rock. Definetly our number one Milos of tourist attraction. Visually it looks like lime. However, it is volcanic rock that has taken on bizarre shapes over time due to the erosion forces of water and wind.

The locals speak of the white rock of Sarakiniko as “lunar”. And somehow they are right, because it actually looks like a lunar landscape. Those who go on a discovery tour of the rocks will find some craters and man-made caves. These are especially fascinating for children and increase the imagination when one imagines hidden pirate treasures here.

A visit early in the morning or late in the evening is worth the most, when the low sun provides a soft light and the white rock is especially beautiful. There are also some remarkable cliffs on Sarakiniko Beach. The brave jump from there into the sea – maybe you will soon dare to jump in as well?

2. The fishermen’s houses of Klima

Milos is known for many sunny days a year and the climate there is very pleasant all year round. The idyllic little village of the same name, Klima, delights its visitors with the sight of colorful fishermen’s houses.

These houses stand very close to the coast and are partly built into the rock like small caves. Against the background of a hilly and rocky landscape, these offer a very beautiful backdrop because they stretch along the coast like a colorful rainbow.
They look the most beautiful by the light of the setting sun and are rightly one of the most popular photo opportunities on Milos.

Milos Sehenswürdigkeiten - Fischer Hafen Klima aus der Vogelperspektive mit türkisblauem Wasser und kleinen Fischerbooten

3. Windmills and mysterious catacombs of Trypiti

Matching the name of the island (in Greek Milos means mill) there are three old windmills between Plaka and Trypiti. The location on a hill offers a rewarding view from here.

Southwest of Trypiti you can rest and relax with a view of the mountains and the wide blue sea. The entrance to the catacombs is hidden. These are burial chambers from the first to fifth centuries. They can be viewed as part of an interesting tour.

4. The romantic mountain village of Plaka

In the middle of the beautiful island of Milos is our number four of the Milos sights – the village of Plaka in the beautiful mountain landscape. The narrow streets run through the old town center like a labyrinth and invite you to stroll through the white houses. Cars cannot drive in the narrow streets, so you can stroll along here in peace. In Plaka there are not only nice cafes, but also many small art shops that offer more creative souvenirs than most tourist-oriented shops.

The highlight for nature lovers and landscape enthusiasts is the panoramic view from the church hill, sweeping far into the mountains and the sea.

Bergdorf Plakas Gasse mit Bukamvillia Holztischen und einem Restaurant Schild

5. The island capital Adamas

In Adamas you can try the delicious Greek cuisine in many bars and restaurants around the harbor. A stroll through the center with its narrow streets and the white houses typical of Greece is also worthwhile. Anyone interested in religious topics will enjoy the icons on display in the museum of the Church of Agia Triada.

In the mining museum you not only get an insight into the hard life of the miners. There are also many minerals and fossils found on Milos on display.

6. A typical souvenir: the Venus of Milo

Milos became famous in 1820 when an ancient sculpture from the 1st century BC was found showing a naked female torso. A farmer had discovered the sculpture and sold it to French people looking for treasure. This is why the original can only be seen today in the Louvre in Paris, where it has become a world famous name. Our number six Milos tourist attraction.

It is therefore not surprising that many islanders have put up posters with a picture of the sculpture and the words “Take me home”. After all, the Venus of Milo can be found everywhere on the island, while strolling through the numerous souvenir shops and thus have a suitable souvenir for all friends.

Venus von Milos aus Marmor. Wurde in Milos gefärtigt

7. Relax and stroll in Pollonia

In the north of Milos is Pollonia, a small fishing village with about 300 inhabitants. In the meantime, it has turned into a lively tourist destination with a lovely harbor mile and many gastronomic offers. Here you can stroll until late in the evening and savor the Mediterranean flair.

Tasting is a good keyword, because the restaurants on Milos entice with many delicacies. Fish dishes of all kinds or freshly caught seafood are particularly typical.

This place is particularly suitable for a holiday with children. A wide, very inviting beach with fine sand and clear water invites you to swim every day and there are also a few playgrounds.

8. Idyllic and quiet in Firopotamos

The counterpart to the lively Adamas and Pollonia is the small and very quiet fishing village of Firopotamos. A few boats lie in the harbor and drift peacefully on the crystal clear water.

There is a church close to the water. There is not much more to see here, but it is precisely this silence without bars and souvenir shops that makes Firopotamos an idyllic place to let go of all everyday stress. Sitting in the sun and just looking at the wonderfully blue sea, you can find yourself relaxing here.

Idylisches Dorf Firopotamos mit Ihrer weissblauen Kirche. In der Mittagssonne

9. A boat tour to the imposing cliffs of Kleftiko

Half-day or full-day boat tours to the cliffs start in the port of Adamas. It is definitely worth it, because the drive across the sea in the sun is a beautiful experience and a unique sight in Milos.

First you pass Klima with its colorful fishermen’s houses and the view from the sea is even more beautiful than that from the land. The tour continues over Cape Vani, from where the first glimpses of impressive rugged rock formations are offered.

The highlight around Kleftiko is a fascinating view of the volcanic rock formations with their edges and caves. No wonder pirates hid here a thousand years ago. Anyone who has some experience in diving can go on a guided diving tour through the caves, the equipment is provided. If you can’t dive, just jump into the crystal clear water and enjoy a little swim.

Klippen von Kleftiko. Weisses Gestein im klaren Wasser mit einer kleinen Höhle in der Wand

10. A journey through time to the old sulfur mines

In the east of the island there is a defunct sulfur mines in the Bay of Paliorema. This mines take you on a journey back in time about a hundred years, when mining was still a lucrative source of income.

Today you can only find rusting old equipment such as old trucks that can still be pushed over creaking tracks. Houses built on the mountainside, as the ruins that they are now, offer a historical film set for a ghost town.

The very stony road is unsuitable for cars. It is therefore advisable to park the car before and take a little time to walk the well-developed hiking trail. This location on the coast invites you to stay a bit with the beautiful view of stony cliffs.

For all those who wants more athletic activity besides hiking, there are other opportunities for sporting activity on Milos.

11. A kayak tour along the coast

As for other boat tours, the starting point is in the port of Adamas. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, there is a choice of up to seven tours. These have in common that they are professionally guided tours with diving equipment provided.

The tours lead past fishing villages, similar to the ship tour to Kleftikos, to bizarre rock formations and underwater caves, the exploration of which is a real adventure and will be remembered at least as well as the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko.

12. Milos, a paradise for adventurous divers

If you can’t get enough of the underwater adventure, the beautiful island of Milos is the place for you. There are a few diving schools that offer courses for beginners, but also tours for experienced divers.

So you can not only discover the pirate caves near Kleftikos, but also old shipwrecks, a sunken airplane and reefs with numerous colorful fish. The old sulfur mines also have a cave system that invites adventurers to make discoveries. Our number twelve of the 14 Milos attractions.

13. Active vacation: windsurfing and sailing

For water sports enthusiasts, the beach of Achivadolimni is very suitable for windsurfing, as the wind usually blows directly from the sea in summer. If you want to learn it first, you will find a windsurf center on Papakino Beach near Adamas.

For those who want to take it easy, there is the possibility of booking a sailing tour with experienced skippers in the port of the capital. Those who already have experience in sailing can also rent a boat.

14. Special holidays in Milos

The island festival usually begins in the first week of July. It extends over several weeks and offers live concerts, dance events or special art exhibitions. In addition to an entertainment program especially for children, there are occasional film festivals or book fairs.

As in all of Greece, the Assumption of Mary is celebrated with church processions on August 15th. We will see how it will go in the future. This day is treated as a strictly religious festival. In the evenings, a kind of folk festival is held in the village of Zefuria with local live music performances and extensive culinary supplies.

Conclusion: Milos offers something for everyone

Milos is quite a small island, but it offers a lot of variety. From the white rock of Sarakiniko to the bizarre, rocky coast, the visitor is offered fascinating impressions of the landscape. For every type of vacation there is one of the Milos sights: the romantic landscape lovers will get their money’s worth in Plaka and Firopotamos, while others can have fun in the lively Adamas or Pollonia. Those who find relaxation when they take it easy can go on a sailing tour or enjoy the colorful sunsets in the evening. And for all sports enthusiasts there are numerous activities such as diving or kayaking tours.

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