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Mykonos – 12 best things to do

13. December 2020

Mykonos Sights – Mykonos is considered the best party island of Greece. However, the island has much more to offer than only a attractive party scene. On this island you will also find the typical flair of the Greece Cyclades.
Many young visitors are attracted to the beautiful Greek island every year, especially in the high season. The fact that there are also a lot of celebrities partying, makes Mykonos even more popular.

Kykladen Insel Map bei der Ios Rot markiert wurde

Introduction – Mykonos Sights

Who would like to get to know the real Mykonos, should visit the island in the low season. Because in the high season you will find crowded clubs, busy streets and full beaches, as well as salted prices. In the middle of summer, the sights can be explored only with a lot of company.

In the off-season, normality slowly returns and Mykonos appears calm and much more relaxed again.

Mykonos Stadt von der Terrasse aus

1. Mykonos city

The capital of Mykonos lies in the center of the Cyclades island and is at the same time the most important sight. The narrow streets invite you to linger and with the small white houses Mykonos has the typical charme of the cycladic islanlds.

Mykonos is probably the most visited island of greece so if  you like it when something is going on, you will love Mykonos City. It is see and be seen. A lot of bars and taverns are beautifully located and often offer a wonderful view of the surroundings. In addition, delicious delicacies are served everywhere in the town. Even if the prices are quite high, it is worth it in any case. In the evening, there are numerous beach bars and clubs that are always well attended. Here you can party in a dreamlike environment. What could be better than enjoying a fine drink directly on the beach and listening to good music. On mykonos the best DJs from all over the wold meet each other and its nothing unusua to  meet some hollywood stars on the beach.

Besides the tourists on the island, the town is also often populated by cruise tourists who visit Mykonos only for a day. So they try to see as much of the island as possible in a minimum of time. There are a lot cruise ships that stop in Mykonos on their tour between the cycladic islands

In the low season, you can discover Mykonos Town much more relaxed. Then narrow streets tempt to be explored almost undisturbed. There are also many interessting ruins and monuments a little bit outside around the town. You can discover how people in Greece once lived hundreds of years ago.

A walk along the harbor promenade is also a must do. From there, several paths lead into the winding streets of the old town. On the way, you will pass by various nice chapels.

Mykonos Stadt eine Gasse mit weisser Kirche am ende

2. Paradise Club in Mykonos Town

Paradise Beach Club is the most popular and well-known club on the whole Cyclades island. It is located at Mykonos Town and is the hub of the island’s party scene. In the 60s it was the paradise for hippies, who liked to bathe naked. Then in the 80s it was discovered by the greek and tourists and became more and more popular. Today the club is now one of the most famous clubs in whole greece and therefore it must be counted among the most importaint sights of mykonos.

Paradise Club is one of the world’s most famous open air clubs and the best known DJs around the world are invited to play their tracks in the Summer. Everyone who wants to visit Mykonos and like to party must have visited Paradise Beach Club once. For those who find the hip club a bit too expensive, there are numerous alternatives in Mykonos town too. Some of them have even a better view on the beaches or sea.

3. Little Venice – The picturebook area of greece

Little Venice is a place that is also one of the highlights of this Cycladic island. The picturesque, historic houses directly on the sea, which are lined up in narrow streets, are popular photo motifs for tourists. This area is not so Loud as the Club district of mykonos but also that crowded.

The district has a lot to offer. In addition to the bars, cafes and clubs, here are also galleries, interesting exhibitions as well as art collections for art lovers. Next to the very luxury private apartments and nice hotels, there are also the most expensive restaurants in all of Mykonos. It the rich ditrict but the absolute highlight of this place are the sunset. So even the prices will be a bit higer we recommend to enjoyed a delicious meal on a restaurant terrace by sunset. You will never forget this feeling.

4. Armenistis Lighthouse

If you want to see the sights on Mykonos, you can’t avoid the Armenistis Lighthouse. It is very picturesquely located and a trip is definitely worth it. If you visit the lighthouse in the evening, you can also watch the sunset from this beautiful place. On the lighthouse, the view is magnificent and the sunset is even more beautiful and impressive.

The way to the lighthouse can be described as quite adventurous because of the condition of the roads. You have to drive very careful an as mentioned in the high season all places on mykonos are crowded. The lighthous is located in the garden of the Aegean Maritime Museum and was built in 1891. There are regular events with lightshows and historical topics . So we recment inform yourself if a nice events will be taking place. Its absoloutly woth it.

5. Panagia Paraportiani – The most visited church in Greece

Panagia Paraportiani Church is the oldest church on Mykonos. It is located in the Kastro district and is easily accessible. The church actually consists of five separate churchesand merged around 1600. All churches were built between 1475 and 1600.

The asymmetrical rock-like design of the facade makes the church unique. Especially the white lime with the blue sky and the sea in the background is worth a photo.

Panagia Paraportiani the most famous church of Mykonos. Although there are numerous beautiful churches and chapels on Mykonos, all of them are worth visiting because each has his own flair and will invite you to the different eras of the island.


Mykonos Sehenswürdigkeit - Panagia Paraportiani Kirche in der nähe der Stadt

6. Paradise Beach – the party beach of Mykonos

What would Mykonos be without its beaches. Each of them are so beautiful that it can be counted among the sights of Mykonos. But no beach of Mykonos is as famous and beautiful as Paradise Beach. It is impressive 350 meters long. The crystal clear water invites you to swim. But since it is the most famous beach of Mykonos, you have to expect a lot of tourists.

In the high season Paradise Beach is not only very crowded but furthermore the first parties start here before the sunset.
So here you can change directly from bathing and sunbathing to partying without any transition. There are several taverns and bars on this beach, which offer drinks and culinary delights. In the early and low season, on the other hand, nothing stands in the way of aquiet, carefree, bathing fun.

7. Kato Myli

Near Little Venice is a small stone beach. Just behind it is the hill of Kato Myli with its five famous windmills. If you arrive by ferry, you can see them already from far away. The windmills were used to for the agriculture long before the first tourist visited the island. Today they are on of the most famouse landmarks of Mykonos.

Every evening hundreds of people arrive to watch a magnificent sunset from there. When you are interrested of visiting the sights of Mykonos, you defently have to go herer once.

Mykonos Sehenswürdigkeit - Vier Windmühlen vom Wasser aus mit stürmischer See

8. Agios Sostis Beach

If you find Paradise Beach a bit too busy, you should visit Agios Sostis Beach. This is located in the north of Mykonos and very picturesque aswell. The reddish sandy beach and the clear water invites you to relaxe in the sun. Unfortunately, no buses are driving to the beach. Therefore you need a rental car or a scooter to visit Agios Sostis Beach.

In the low season it is very quiet at Agios Sostis Beach. There are neither clubs or parties nearby. It is the perfect place for those of you who like to relax on the beach and enjoy their rest. Agios Sostis Beach is a special hidden jewel.

Here you can sit on the beach, look out to the sea and spend a few quiet, relaxing hours. There are also some hotes, but these are not compairble to the ones on the beaches near Mykonos Town. On this beach cool drinks and snacks are provided thanks to some local cafes and restaurants.

Above the church in the area is a small taverna that provides drinks and delicacies to the guests on the beach. Behind the chapel 10 min walk is Lovers Beach: a small bay, wonderful for swimming and enjoying. A real insider tip.

9. Archaeological Museum

All visitors interested in the history of Mykonos should visit this museum. In the Archaeological Museum the culture and history of Mykonos comes alive again. But there is also a lot of interesting information about the Cyclades islands in general.

For example many ancient exhibits from Delos are displayed here. A must for those who are interested in antiquity and history of greece and would like to acquire some background knowledge.

10. Small port of Tourlos

The new port of Mykonos is called Tourlos. Ferries arrive here daily and also many cruise ships stop here for a lot of day tourists. As mentioned earlier, Mykonos is a popular stop on many routes in the Mediterranean sea.

Tourlos is located in the west of Mykonos and is about one kilometer away from Mykonos Town. Near Tourlos is the Agios Stefanos beach and the marina. There are some restaurants and clubs in Tourlos. Visitors can also try their hand at numerous water sports here.

In the past, Tourlos was a very quiet area. But due to the construction of the harbour and the marina, the place has become very fashionable. Some beautiful and famous yachts are anchored in the harbour. So if you haven’t seen any celebrities in Mykonos town yet, here in Tourlos you might meet one or the other. Because not only the yachts are anchored here in Tourlos are some luxury houses and villas that celebrities have built. When walking along the beach, not only the view of the sea is beautiful. The houses in the background are also very impressive.

Mykonos Sehenswürdigkeiten - Hafen von Tourlos bei Sonnenuntergang und klarem Himmel

11. Ano Mera

Apart from Mykonos Town, Ano Mera is home to the largest number of people. There are numerous attractions for tourists. Nevertheless, it is rather quiet and leisurely in Ano Mera. This makes Ano Mera a nice and charm contrast to Mykonos town. Especially in the high season where partys and loud music is everywhere. If you are looking for a bit of peace Ano Mera is the plsce for you.

In this village are many historically and architecturally interesting buildings to discover, as well as a small old town with many alleys. The culinary offer is very diverse and at affordable prices.

Near Ano Mera is a hill with two windmills on top of it. Furthermore, two monasteries, the remains of an old castle and some tombs can be found nearby: a lot to discover.

12. Daytrip to Delos Island

Mykonos is an ideal starting point for tours by boat to other islands. One of them is Delos, which is also part of the Cyclades. The island is 5 kilometer long and 1.3 kilometer wide and so close to Mykonos that you can even see it from Mykonos. From Mykonos town are many daily excursion boats to Delos.

Delos lets you dive into a completely different world. Here, antiquity comes to life. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Delos is best known for the Lion Terrace. It is the landmark of Delos with its famous marble lions. How many of these proud guardians of the sanctuary were once present is unclear. Five of them have been preserved on the site, although these are copies and the originals can be admired in the museum.

The lions sit on their hind paws and look east to the Sacred Lake directly on the opposite side. According to myth, this was the birthplace of Apollo. On Delos, visitors can explore a foreign world in peace. Numerous exhibits and finds from Delos are displayed in the Archaeological Museum.

Good to have you here…  

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