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Paros – the 10 best sights

13. December 2020

The Greek island of Paros in the center of the Cyclades. It is a picture-perfect island with beautiful beaches, large vineyards and the typical minimalist white buildings with blue windows and doors. But the popular holiday island has much more to offer. Thinks you should definitely not miss when visiting the holiday paradise in the Mediterranean can be found in this article.


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1. Parikia – The picturesque capital

During a stay on Paros, the exploration of the capital Parikia should not be missed out. The city is located in a protective bay, enchants with its winding narrow streets and the small shops, cafes and restaurants.

Those who also like to dance will find an exciting and varied nightlife here – the Greeks know how to party!
The city offers several sights beside that. The Panagia Ekatontapliani church is not far from the ferry port. It is one of the most important early Christian monuments in Greece. There is also a Byzantine museum inside the church.

In the Kastro district of the old town, the remains of a Venetian fortress from the 13th century can be seen. You can explore an ancient cemetery with various excavations. The Archaeological Museum with unique finds such as the statue of Nike and the Parian Chronicle is also nearby. Of course there are also numerous taverns, cafes and restaurants in Parikia.

2. Wine and beer – the delicious specialties of Greece

If you are in Parikia, you should not forget to taste the local delicacies. A visit to the local microbrewery is a must. It produces the “56 Isles beer”, named after the 56 Cycladic Islands and is popular all over the area.

Wine lovers also get their money’s worth in Paros. Wine is grown on the entire island. At the Moraitis winery in Naoussa, you can take a look at the local viticulture backdrops. This family winery has been operating since 1910. It produces high quality organic wines that impress with their full taste and refined nuances and the corresponding wines can be tasted here. There is also a small wine museum in the village, which presents a lot of interesting information about wine production.

Paros Sehenswürdigkeiten - Paros Weisswein mit gekühlten Glas und Sonnenuntergang im Hintergrund

3. Wonderful beaches in the midst of untouched nature

Many vacationers come to the Mediterranean island because of its many beautiful sandy beaches. Almost every beach has its own distinctive character, which makes it a unique holiday experience. And wherever you are on the island – abeach nearby is guaranteed !
One of the most impressive beaches is located opposite the town of Nauoussa and is named Kolimbrithres. This beach is divided into individual bays by mighty rock formations, which offer some privacy. However, concerts and beach parties are often held here during the summer and the water is also ideal for snorkeling.

Santa Maria beach is the right place for anyone who wants to learn surfing, diving or water skiing. Due to the wind tunnel between the two islands Paros and Naxos, the conditions for these various water sports are perfect. Not only beginners, but also experienced athletes can spend an exciting day here. The overall picture of the beach with its dunes and salt lakes awsome.
Golden Beach is the other popular beach for surfers and is considered to be the unofficial surfing beach of Paros.

One of the most popular beaches overall is Pounda Beach. It offers not only the crystal clear water from the argean sea, but also plenty swimming pool, beach and snack bars and various attractions such as volleyball and even bungee jumping. Here you can dance until late night under palm trees and holidaymakers of all ages celebrate together.

Paros Sehenswürdigkeiten - Paros Strand aus der Drohnen Sicht mit kristallblauem Wasser

4. Lefkes – probably the most beautiful place on the island

A real insider tip of the Paros sights is the dreamy town of Lefkes, where only a few tourists get lost. Not only the area with its numerous olive trees but also the green vegetation throughout the year is more than picturesque.
Here you get an insight into the original life of Greece, because in Lefkes the business owners still weave and crochet the souvenirs by hand. The houses with the small windows and doors also give you an idea of bygone times.

5. Naoussa – The most beautiful port in the Aegean

On the other hand, things are a little livelier at the port town of Naoussa, which is located in the north of Paros. In the Middle Ages this was the most important port in the area. Some preserved arches and the remains of a round tower still bear witness to this glorious time.
The harbor invites you to take a short stroll. The harbor basin resembles a large tavern with its delicious fish dishes. Behind the port is the long platia with the Plantanassa church.

Those who like to be in the great outdoors will find numerous campsites with modern equipment in the area around Naoussa. These make the vacation a very unique experience. Naoussa also invites you to go shopping – here you can not only find great souvenirs, but also the latest fashion and many high-quality leather goods.

6. Wonderful hiking areas in the midst of nature

Paros is also a holiday destination for many hikers who also want to explore the unspoiled areas of the island. Old mountain trails and various hiking trails lead to hidden beauties that meander through small villages and distant landmarks.
Organized tours are available all over the island. Their advantage is that you will receive additional information about the peculiarities and history of the area during the hike. You will be aware of informations about the past that you might overlook on your own. Most of the hiking routes can also be explored by bike. Our number six of the Paros attractions.

If you prefer to go on your own, we recommend the hiking trail from Lefkes to Ayki, which is around 19 kilometers long. The hiking time is around six hours. From Lefkos it goes towards Agioi Pantes, whereby Agios Georgios the monastery of Agioi Theodoroi can be found.
Then it aims via Ageria to Aliki, where the hike ends with a dip in the sea and a delicious meal in one of the many tavernas on the coast.
A slightly shorter and easier hike leads from Marathi to Thapsana. There you can explore the mining for antique garnet in Marathi.
Another four kilometer long hiking trail leads to Thapsana. Here you can visit the great monastery of Panagia Myridiotissa.

Paros Sehenswürdigkeiten - Felsige Küste mit rauem Meer

7. An extraordinary valley

Another Paros sight that you should definitely see when visiting Paros is the Butterfly Valley . As the name suggests, there are usually thousands of colorful butterflies belonging to the Bärenspinner family. This is a very special experience not only for nature lovers, but also for photographers and families with children.
The valley, called Petaloudes, is about 7.5 kilometers south of Parikia and can be reached via a narrow mountain road. In the valley you can also admire very old olive trees, cypresses and carob trees.

Orang Schwarzer Schmetterling auf einem grünen Blatt

8. The white gold of Paros

Paros has been particularly known for one thing since ancient times: its white marble, which is impressive due to its exceptional purity. For example, the precious statue of Venus de Milo, which can be found in the Louvre in Paris, is made from the marble of Paros.
In the middle of the island rises the 700 meter high mountain Profitis Ilias. In the past, the precious marble was stored on its north side. Marathi the old tunnel in which the marble was extracted can be visited.

9. A variety of culinary delights

In addition to its sights, Paros also offers a variety of delicious culinary surprises. For example caravoli (snails with garlic) and the pâté made from wild vegetables called chortofouskotes are particularly recommended (a fish specialty pickled in salt).
The sweet delights you really have to try are the amygdalota almond biscuits, figs, the Petimezopita cake with its taste of grape and the fresh dumplings with nut filling, which is known as Skaltsounia.

Of course, the local cheese and wine specialties should also be tried, with many places having their own very special “secret recipes”. Traditionally, the recepie are only passed on from one generation to the next within the family.

10. The legendary festivals of Paros

Visitors to Paros have the opportunity to attend one of the many festivals throughout the year. In this way, the Greek customes and traditions can be experienced in the best possible way.
Festivals such as the famous Kleidonas festival, which is celebrated on June 23, are particularly popular in summer. The focus of this festival is the fire, with young people and children jumping over it. This is of course accompanied with greek music, dance, traditional delicacies and, above all, lots of wine.

Another popular festival that embodies Greek hospitality in a unique way is the festival of Panagia on August 15th. In the evening, all ships in the port of the capital Parikia are illuminated. In addition to traditional music and dance, a wide variety of events take place on Parikia beach. A unique firework display can also be seen.
Of course there are many other festivals and events on Paros, so that you are sure to experience the Greek joie de vivre firsthand when you visit.

Conclusion – the Paros sights

A visit to Paros is a very special experience due to its beautiful nature, the picturesque beaches and the unique sights. The culinary delights, the varied sports opportunities and the many events support this. One thing is certain: a holiday in Paros is guaranteed not to be boring. And anyone who has ever been here will definitely want to go back to this Cycladic island!

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